- Fishing -

Walleye... That's where they are.

Since over 50 years the reputation of walleye fishing on Baskatong Reservoir cross the borders. The region is the walleye paradise of the Quebec province, but you can find more species like northern pike, yellow perch and white fish as you explore the Baskatong waters.

To help maintain a good quality of fishery the reservoir has a special management status and you are require to have a access rights to fish in it’s water; the money raise by those fees is put back in the reservoir. Every year thousands of little walleyes are stock for the happiness of fishermen.

With your family or friends, with yours or our boat (rental) you will enjoy to explore the several sand bars and rock points home of nice catches. If you want, you can book a guide service to find those good spots quicker.

If you really are an explorer, don’t forget that Domaine à l’aube du lac is only a few kilometer away from La Verendrye Park, Bras-Coupé-Désert and Patawaga ZECS that are filled with lakes and rivers. Come here and enjoy the fishing paradise.